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About Vestnik

General information about the publication

Scientific journal «Vestnik of the University "Ukraine", series «Economics, Management, Marketing» was founded in April 2000. The founder of the scientific publication is the Open International University of human development «Ukraine» (University «Ukraine»).

The «Vestnik» aims to cover a wide range of issues of innovative and investment development of various sectors of the economy, individual regions and enterprises, popularize modern economic and managerial mechanisms, methods and technologies of management. The topic of the articles is related to scientific and practical problems of the development of the International and national economy, enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, analysis of current trends and world experience in management, best practices of marketing and financial activities, issues of environmental safety of the enterprise and society, the development of human and natural resource potential.

The publication is intended for specialists-researchers, theorists and practitioners in the field of Economics and management, teachers, postgraduates and students of economic and humanitarian educational institutions, as well as for the general public of all those interested in the problems of innovative and investment development.


An area of knowledge and specialties that correspond to or are related to the journal's areas of expertise.

Cipher and name of the field of knowledge

Code and name of the specialty

05 Social and behavioral sciences

051 Economics

29 International Relation

292 International Economic Relations

07 Management and administration

071 Accounting and taxation


072 Finance, banking and insurance


073 Management


075 Marketing


076 Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities


Certificate of state registration of a printed mass media

KV No. 20852-10652 PR dated 16.07.2014

ISSN-identification number

2707-4110 (Print).



The collection is registered in the International scientometric database Index Copernicus

Scientific journal «Vestnik of the University «Ukraine»
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